Ariah-Hossein Rastegar – Nutrition Tips

As a real estate investor and executive, Ariah-Hossein Rastegar has to keep himself mentally and physically sharp. One way that he accomplishes this is by being conscious about what he puts in his body. Good nutrition is a fundamental way to live a productive, long, and happy life.

Here are a few nutrition tips that can help you look, feel, perform, and think better:

Lose the Sugar – Calories obtained through sugary foods and drinks tend to be on the high side. Sugary drinks in particular are known to be among the most fattening things a person can consume. One reason for this is that liquid sugar calories aren’t registered in the brain the same way as other calories. So it takes longer for the brain to realize it is full from sugary drinks, often resulting in overconsumption. Sugar is also associated with a number of health problems like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

No Processed Foods – One of the major problems with the modern diet is the overconsumption of processed foods. Processed (junk) foods are called that because they are often extremely low in fiber, protein, and micronutrients, but high in calories, simple sugars, and refined grains.

Drink Water Frequently – Chronic dehydration is a common problem in modern day society. What is worse is that it can be easily avoided. Studies have shown that drinking a half-liter of water thirty minutes before every meal can increase weight loss by forty-four percent.

Ariah-Hossein Rastegar tries to stay in good physical and mental condition to optimize his performance on and off of the job.



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