Ariah-Hossein Rastegar – How to Earn Additional Income

Investors  such as Ariah-Hossein Rastegar, founder of Rastegar Equity Partners, have some suggestions for individuals who want to make money, but whose jobs that don’t pay enough. Creativity is a necessity for employees in need of additional income. With the median American income in decline, hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit can help employees find the extra income they need to achieve their personal financial goals.

Additional income can be found if an individual picks up a second method of employment. A part-time situation can increase yearly income and even allow individuals to use that extra cash to pay down debt. Blogging, consulting, and writing are a few methods available to individuals inclined toward sharing their skills and advice.

Employees can also consider markets like real estate as sources of potential additional income; purchasing investment property, flipping homes, or providing vacation rentals like Air BnB offer a multitude of opportunities to supplement the weekly paycheck.  Half of all Americans are not prepared to pay $2,000 in an emergency if they had to, thus additional income can alleviate unneeded additional stress in already pressure-filled crises.

The internet also offers some methods for individuals to make extra money outside of their full-time employment. Some successful businessmen like Ariah-Hossein Rastegar point to online marketing as a viable way to earn money.  Creating and monetizing a website can provide that extra bit of income that can make all the difference to a family’s financial budget. Reviewing and promoting products as an affiliate, email marketing, selling services, and selling advertising space can allow an individual to make more money even while working a low-paying job.